7 Surprising Things That Only Get Better With Age

Jeans. We’ve all experienced that feeling of putting on your favorite pair of jeans after giving them a wash and feeling restricted — that is until you finally break them back in again with multiple wears.

Cast Iron Skillets. Maybe your grandmother passed her recipes down to you — and, if you’re lucky, she included her scrumptiously time-seasoned skillet as well!

Balsamic Vinegar. Similar to wine, the fermentation of the vinegar becomes stronger over time, with companies often waiting to bottle it for at least 12 years.

Fine Leather. Whether it’s your wallet or your sofa, it will become softer and smoother with each passing year.

Whiskey. To be considered a whiskey, the liquor must be aged for at least three years in most countries but is often left for even longer. Whiskey that has been aged for over a decade can have an unbelievably rich flavor.

Pickles. You should still abide by each jar’s expiration date, but most last for at least a year — soaking up more nutrients and vitamins, even becoming more of a probiotic and helping with digestion.

Your Money. WHAT?! That’s right. You can invest your money safely over time. With a certificate of deposit or CD, you save your money in an account that has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal. For example You save $10,000 in a 15-month CD at 3%. After 15 months you have $10,300.00. That’s enough to get new jeans, and your own cast iron skillet (with some to spare). OPEN A CD TODAY