Offers to Ease Financial Burdens

For Existing Members:

Skip-a Payment Option

  • FREE skip-a payments are available for existing Cencap fixed rate Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, and Personal Loans. To take advantage of this option, please complete the online form here.
  • You will hear from a representative within 72 hours or three (3) business days. We will request documentation. Stated Terms and conditions apply. Skipped loan payments are tacked to the end of the loan. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case, month by month basis.

For the public:

Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer Offer

For More Information :

Explore our Self-Service channels, and check the status of your economic stimulus payouts in response to COVID-19, and more here.

For Our Communities :

Cencap donated to $500 to Hands on Hartford to provide meals and groceries to Hartford residents and families facing food insecurity.