As a member, you are part owner of a financial cooperative, also known as a Credit Union. So, anyone who banks with us, owns us! It’s that simple. When you join, you purchase one share in the Credit Union for $5.00. And that’s what you must leave in your account to maintain your membership.

Our purpose is simple, to help our members build a secure financial future through a full array of services, products and tools to help you bank the way you want to bank, when you want to bank.

Because credit unions are not-for-profit, excess proceeds go back to members by offering lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings. The more members, the more account relationships, the more dollars going back to helping people. So, there is a better way to bank, it’s Cencap.


We no longer just service Hartford area Municipal Employees, but rather we offer our services to anyone who lives, works, learns or prays in certain underserved areas in or around the city of Hartford. As a Cencap member, your family is also eligible for membership!

This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to servicing our current members while reaching out to a new group of members.

To become a member, please stop by one of our branches or email us at

Once a member, always a member!

Moving cross country, changing jobs or changing schools, you retain full membership benefits. Simply by maintaining a minimum of $5 in your share savings account.


As a member of Cencap, you aren’t just another customer, you’re part owner of our nonprofit financial cooperative. We are a full-service financial institution offering everything from checking accounts to VISA credit cards with personalized friendly service and great rates.