Card Theft Protection

Life happens and Cencap is there for you. Designed with peace of mind, we have resources in place to help protect you against debit and credit card fraud.

Helpful tips

  • Never provide your card number over the phone
  • Use a secure browser, look for secure links with the lock icon
  • Verify that the transaction amount and the receipt amount are the same
  • Contact us if you suspect any unauthorized use
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately – Debit Card: 800.554.8969 and Visa Credit Card: 800.847.2911


CardValet helps you manage your finances by controlling how, when and where cards are used through your mobile device.

Protect your debit card through your mobile device. With CardValet® card manager you can receive purchase alerts, set dollar amount limits, and turn your cards “ON” or “OFF” to restrict or allow transactions at anytime. To access these features, download the latest version of our mobile banking app. After logging in, select “Manage My Cards” on your account’s homepage.

With CardValet® you can:

  • Turn your card on and off
  • Stick to a budget by setting a limit amount on your card
  • Set up where you can use your card based on location, merchant or spending limits
  • Review balances and transactions

Fraud Protection:

Having good credit begins with knowing exactly what is on your credit report. Under federal law, you’re entitled to a copy of your credit report annually from all three credit reporting agencies.

Order your free annual credit report: