Debit / ATM Card

Your Checking Account is not complete without a Visa Debit Card from Cencap. Our Visa Debit Card gives you convenience and is accepted at merchants worldwide.

As an ATM card – withdraw cash at any ATM machine, eight FREE cash withdrawals per month, $1.00 for each additional. Access to ALLPOINT AND SUM ATMS.

As a Credit Card – different than a traditional credit card where you receive a monthly statement, purchases are taken directly from your share draft (checking account). You don’t need a PIN number, instead, you receive a receipt that most likely will require your signature. There is unlimited usage of your VISA Check Card per month when you use it as credit.

As a Debit Card – pay for purchases at a grocery store, gas station, or wherever Debit cards are accepted. 8 FREE debit card uses per month, $1.00 for each use thereafter within the month. You can also ask the cashier to give you additional cash against the debit card at the time of your transaction. You will need to use your PIN number when using your VISA Check Card as a Debit card.

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