Holiday Shopping Tips

‘Tis the season – of spending. The holidays are prime time for theft, fraud, and overspending.

Don’t worry! We have 7 ways that you can keep your personal information safe and help you save as you start crossing things off your list.

  1. Have a budget. Figure out how much you are willing and able to spend and set that money aside. Don’t worry though if money is tight right now, we offer holiday loans up to $3,500. Learn More
  2. Know who you’re shopping for. Make your list & check it twice. In all seriousness, make yourself a list of who you are going to be buying presents for. This will help you keep track and make sure that you don’t miss anyone, or buy for them twice!
  3. Do your research before buying. Don’t just one-stop-shop. Look around for the best (and lowest) prices or if any sales are going on at the time you buy.
  4. Use your virtual shopping cart to your advantage. Did you know if you add things to your cart and leave them there, the retailer might email you with a discount code? This is called “shopping cart abandonment.” Give it a try!
  5. Save your receipts. Whether you bought something in the wrong size or no longer need it, saving receipts is a great way to stay organized. It will help you save money and time if needed.
  6. Protect your private information. Don’t buy anything online over public wifi as thieves can use that to steal your information. Also, beware of deals that seem too good to be true – they most likely are. If you are not already, sign up for CardValet. With CardValet® card manager, you can receive purchase alerts, set dollar amount limits, and turn your cards “ON” or “OFF” to restrict or allow transactions at any time.
  7. Keep your gifts out of the hands of thieves. Beware of “porch pirates” and set up safeguards for your packages. Choose to pick up your purchase in-store, or have a trusted neighbor get your package. You can even request that the delivery service need your signature upon delivery.

While not foolproof, thse are some great ways to set yourself up for financial success this holiday season. Stop by your local branch to talk with a team member about ways to keep your financial goals on track, regardless of the time of year!